Frequently Asked Questions

1. I can't run the program, why?
In most cases it's due to lack of some necessary components. Please refer to each product's System Requirement and click Download to get the required software.
2. Can I get free upgrades and tech support?
Yes, of course, as long as you are a registered user. That's one of the reasons why you should register.
3. Is the online-purchase safe? How your security work?
Powered by RegNow, one of the leading companies in the online ordering industry, your order is 100% secure and very quick to process. Regnow uses a VeriSign certificate for Secure Socket Layer (SSL) transactions. VeriSign certificates offer strong RSA-based encryption for secure transactions, and your credit card information is sent directly to the credit card processor in a very secure manner, so that nobody else can see it. That protects you by ensuring that nobody but you and the credit card processor will see your card.

To check your order status, please visite Order Lookup. In case you need help with ordering or payment processing, please see RegNow Customer Service, or directly write mail to us.

4. Why do I need to "register"? And how to buy?
Free Trials are provided for your evaluation only. All of them have time or usage limitations. To use them lifetime, you need to pay for a legal license. Just click Buy Now to pay by credit cards or check. Besides online order, you can also make orders by postal mail, fax or toll-free phone. For details or in case you have any doubts, please contact regnow directly.

Accepted credit cards include:
Visa, MasterCard, American Express, Discover/Novus, Eurocard, Eurocheques, Visa Check Card, MasterMoney

5. What happens after I submit the order?
You will receive an email confirming your order shortly after sending the online order form. Then, within 24 hours, you will get a second email containing download URL of register version (full version) and such information as your registration name, code, and instructions to get started!
6. I lost my register code, how to get it again?
Write to us at with your order number included. We will send a new code to you as soon as we verify your license.
7. I have purchased your product but lost it somehow, how to get it again?
Go to download page to redownload. In case of anything wrong, write to us at with your order number included.
8. What is your products' refund policy?
Please be aware that all products here are TRY BEFORE YOU BUY software. So we suppose your order is the result of mature consideration and after thorough evaluation of Free Trial.

We do not offer refunds on software when the registration code has already been sent to the customer. We go to great lengths to produce a trial version with which customers can ensure their satisfaction and system compatibility. We feel this policy is consistent with the major software retailers nationwide.

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