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Step 1: You can sign up to become an affiliate at Once signed up, they will assign you an affiliate ID and you will be able to add products to your new account. Just find Yeosoft via Product Finder and click Join Now to join as affiliate. I will authorize you once I get the reqeust.

Step 2: You are now ready to start making money. In case your affiliate ID is 22222, just add the "buy now" link on your web site as below:

Regnow ID
YeoSoft Text to MP3 Speaker 10837-1
YeoSoft MDB to XML Converter 10837-4
YeoSoft CD AudioGrabber 10837-5

Step 3: You can maximize the potential by asking us to create a special build which points downloaders back to your buy link. When they are running the program and press the "Buy Now" button, it will take them to your purchase page! Please give us your web site name and your affiliate ID in an email to

NOTE: We don't promise to provide a speical build immediately. It depends on your website quality and our email queue process time.

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