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YeoSoft Text to MP3 Speaker 5.1.2 Trial
19.95 USD Buy Now
Cucusoft iPod Movie/Video Converter 3.16 29.95 USD Buy Now
Cucusoft Mpeg/Mov/RMVB/DivX/AVI to DVD/VCD/ SVCD Converter Pro 7.07 29.95 USD Buy Now
YeoSoft CD AudioGrabber 1.2 19.00 USD Buy Now
Yeosoft MDB to XML Converter 1.2 24.95 USD Buy Now

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for YeoSoft Text to MP3 Speaker
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AT&T Natural Voices
35 USD* Buy Now
NeoSpeech VoiceText™ Voices 35 USD** Buy Now

* $30 for Starter package (8khz Natural Voices with Mike and Crystal); $35 for each additional voice (you can choose from 32 voices).
** Include both Kate and Paul voices in US English.

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